Your Love Life and Career Are More Similar Than You Think

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

You’ve heard the old saying, “He’s Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right.” It’s a phrase women (and men… relax) often use to describe someone who they are dating to fulfill their current needs, but who they see no long-term future with. And what’s wrong with that? That’s the very reason why we are supposed to ‘play the field,’ to determine the qualities and characteristics that we like, and more importantly, to find out the things that we DON’T like about a potential partner. It’s what helps us to appreciate when we finally find the person who completes us (as Tom Cruise said in his famous “Jerry McGuire” scene).

I find that there are a lot of parallels between a person’s love life and career. After all, if we’re lucky, we find a compatible mate that we enjoy spending time with much like we find a career that makes us enjoy going to work in the morning. Conversely, far too often people stay in a dead-end marriage or a dead-end job to pay the bills and wake up 40 years down the road wishing they had lived their lives instead of conforming to what was expected of them. However, marriage is an end-state (likely, unless you get divorced, but let’s assume for this example you don’t). The journey to find the ‘right man’ or the ‘right woman’ is half of the fun. You probably date someone convenient for a while because they’re physically attractive, or because they get you into cool parties, etc. You also probably end up on a few awful blind dates, or find yourself turning to online dating with hopes that a gorgeous, educated, successful person with no baggage has had just as hard a time finding interested partners as you have.

Image from Google ImagesThe same can be said about your career. Maybe you started off selling tea leaves in a mall or cold calling executives trying to sell mass amounts of gift cards to CVS (both jobs I reluctantly admit to having held in my illustrious career). But as I said at the beginning of this post, finding out what you DON’T like in a job is sometimes more important that finding out what you DO like. And there isn’t a job out there that doesn’t provide some value. Even as a cold caller, you learn how to take rejection (another skill that can help in your love life)

The journey through life is long, but incredibly short at the same time. As a good friend of mine, who I believe was quoting the movie Blow, once said, “Never get too high or too low on yourself.” Whether it is your love life, or your career – work hard, roll with the punches, and see what happens.

And never settle. Make sure you don’t wake up next to the wrong person in 40 years and have to get up to go to the wrong job. In the meantime, it’s cool if that happens once in a while 🙂

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